Danessa Myricks Enlight Aura Illuminator in Tranquility & Love

Usually I am not a big fan of loose powdered products because let's face it... They are so messy! But when a product blows my socks off... well it's worth it!



Danessa Myricks Enlight Aura Illuminators came to my attention at IMATS London and I got slightly obsessed. She has a wide range of colors, and everybody could find one that suits their skin tone. Also the shades are rather unique, but still really wearable and the products are super pigmented and easily build-able: starting from a soft sheen to extreme out of this world shine.



When I first swatched the shade Tranquility, I thought it will be way too sparkly for my liking. It does have some visible micro glitter but looks so smooth on the skin. I used it for a closeup beauty shoot just recently and glitters did not pick up in the camera, just super dewy almost wet looking finish. Also it worked like a dream as a inner eye corner highlight. It has quite a strong cool pink color tone and really strong cool pearly particles and works really well on fair to light medium skin. I would suggest mixing it with a darker shade if you really want to use it on darker skin tones then that.

Enlight Aura of Love Illuminator is a stunning rose to gold duo-chrome with super smooth shine particles that does not look at all glittery, but super glowy. If used on very light to light skin tones, the pink picks up too much to my liking, but when used on tanned to dark skin tones, it looks goddess - like shine.

Here I blended sheered out the highlighter to see how soft it can be.

Here I blended sheered out the highlighter to see how soft it can be.

The versatility of this product is endless, you can use it on the face, eyes, lips, body.... Mix it with other products, use it wet- whatever your creativity tells you to!



Cozzette & his shadows

When I was going to the IMATS London I was thinking that there is one thing I really don't need no more in my kit- the eye shadows. I have plenty of colors and different textures to last me another life... But little did I know that I will give up on eye shadow 'no buy' the minute I will swatch Cozzette shadows...

I had an fantastic opportunity to attend Roque Cozzette and Fidel Gonzales masterclass THE MUAGRAPHER EXPERIENCE and I was completely mesmerized by the duet. I've been following Cozzette work for a long while now, but after listening to his inspirational and almost spiritual dialog with Fidel Gonzales about the beauty industry, I now admire his work from much deeper levels.


Once during the makeup demo by both Roque Cozzette and Fidel Gonzales I got to swatch the eye shadows of Cozzette's own creation, the only thing I could think of, how can I limit myself to just a few shadows and not get all of them...

There are 3 different formulas: matte, velvet & crystal, and they all swatch beautifully. The colors are super rich and intense, the crystal formula have the most magnificent shine/ sparkle to them that I never experienced with any other shadow or loose pigment. All of the Cozzette shadows I got to play with are super smooth and buttery, not dusty at all thus also does not have a lot of fallout if any. The shimmer shades can look soft if applied with a brush or packed for a full power if applied with a finger or even wet. Shadows blends incredibly effortlessly and stays put for a really long time.

The shadows come in an individual pressed single pans that can be placed in the magnetic palette, which is absolutely treat for everyone who likes to choose their own colors instead of getting a ready made palette. I chose to use Cozzette created padded palette which looks really organic and different form other available palettes, but these eye shadows can be stored in any magnetic palette of your choice.

They are also:

  • Long Lasting
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan

I opted for a 3 very neutral go-to shades (top row: Honor, Grace, Burnish) and got wild with crystal eye shadows (Second row: Mica, Halite, Quest/ Third row: Bliss, Citrine, Dioptase).


I also could not resist Cozzette brushes: during the makeup demo he showed some interesting techniques using brushes that has a very specific shape and obviously I needed those brushes in my life... Super happy with my choice as some of these brushes already became a staple in my kit!


You can find Cozzette products at Guru Makeup Emporium.

Yours truly,

Zydre Zi

IT Cosmetics Star Products

Day by day searching for the next best product... It never stops!


I kept wanting to try the original IT  Cosmetics CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream for a really long time but somehow never got a chance. But when QVC UK came out with this great looking set, I had to have it! As it happened the set contained IT CC+ Illumination Color Correcting Illuminating Full Coverage Cream - a sister product to the original IT CC+ (and if you know me, I'm a glow addict) so that did not bother me at all. It has SPF 50+ broad spectrum physical sunscreen (UVA & UVB)  which I think is just amazing for everyday wear and not so good under flash photography. They also claim that this product contains an anti- aging hydrating serum, can't really tell if I'm well anti-aged yet as I have not been using it for such a great length of time (around a month now) but it for sure feels a little hydrating.

Now onto the part of how it actually works! I absolutely love the way it looks on my skin, but it will not be for everybody. For a CC cream it for sure has a really high coverage (but don't expect a full on insta-glam look- it covers redness and small imperfections really well but does not give you a full on covered face). If you have dry skin, you might not want to set it with powder but I have combination - oily skin (my forehead gets an oily hot mess as the day goes by) and setting this CC cream is a must for me, but be careful with your powder, if you use too much, the product underneath can start start separating and caking up.

I'm not a huge fan of a shade range. I got the one in Light and it has a bit of a grey undertone, since I have a very neutral skin tone, I can get away with it with a use of bronzer, but IT Cosmetics could really work on it a bit more. This product also has a very odd scent to it (maybe something like an orange soda?... ) I really don't like it, but to be honest I can only smell it if I put my nose into the product. So it's not a big deal at all. CC cream wears pretty well on the skin and once it starts wearing off it does it very gracefully without leaving any mess!

Talking about illuminating properties.... Yes it really gives you a lot of glow! if you look extra up- close (I mean really super super up-close), you might detect some pearl shine particles in the product. You will for sure not see any glitter on your face (unless you decide to add some with other products) but it's also not the most settle glow either!

You can see how it looks like on my skin. I also used just a touch of Vichy Dermablend setting power, Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer in Honey, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, Catrice blush & KIKo highlighter (Both of them are discontinued unfortunately)

You can see how it looks like on my skin. I also used just a touch of Vichy Dermablend setting power, Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer in Honey, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, Catrice blush & KIKo highlighter (Both of them are discontinued unfortunately)

Do you know where it keeps getting even better? IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush is heavenly all right?! I have not been impressed with foundation brushes for a really long time now... But this made me extra happy!


Usually I despise double ended brushes because it's hard to keep them in the brush holders, but I forgive anything because this brush is freaking amazing. The foundation side of a brush is a great size- not too large or small for the whole face quick application and still fairly easy access to harder to reach face areas, the fluffiness versus density of the bristles is just perfect for a flawless airbrush application (and yes, I know that the word airbrush has been misused way too much, but here it really fits). I like to use it in circular motions for a quick skin like application. Other side of the brush is a great concealer brush that makes me forget about my Beauty Blender... It works great for both under-eye and spot concealing and applies an exact necessary amount of product without caking anything up. And now I want at least 3 more of those for my kit....


IT Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi palette honestly attracted me just because I was really curious about Bye Bye Pores Pressed Translucent Powder, but it left me pleasantly surprised.

The palette itself looks really beautiful- it has a metal pink packaging with a great size and quality mirror inside. It opens when you push the part on the side which makes it unique to other palettes I have. Inside there is a blush, powder, bronzer and a highlighter. I could absolutely live without this palette but I think it will work well in my touch up kit.

Bye Bye Pores Blush in Je Ne Sais Quoi looks like quite a potent pink but is actually really pale once swatched and would not show up on medium- dark skin tones. It has a very soft easy to blend texture though, that feels exactly the same like the Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder.

Bye Bye Pores Pressed Translucent Powder impressed me more then I expected, I am very picky when it comes to powders and I have a ton of them. It feels super silky and once you swatch it it looks like it even has a slightest sheen to it (nothing sparkly though, just a smidge of glow) which I really like because super matte powders tends to make the skin look too powdery and dry. It definitely mattifies the skin but still looks like real skin and it helps to reduce the appearance of pores.

Sunshine in a Compact in Warmth is a medium warm tone matte bronzer that also has a very soft and bendable texture. It's too warm to be used as a contour product but works great if lightly dusted on a highest points of the face or a tanned just-got-back-from- beach-holiday look.

Perfect Lighting Luminizer Je Ne Sais Quoi is a light beige highlighter that gives a very soft luminosity to the skin. It's good for those days when you want almost undetectable radiance. Texture feels a little dry to me and I would suggest prepping the skin well before applying this as it might look a little powdery.

What is my verdict? I still really want to try the original IT Cosmetics CC+ but the Illumination one impressed me a lot and I'm wearing it for my quick everyday makeup, Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush is giving me life and I don't want to ever be without it, and Bye Bye Pores powder might get a permanent place in my kit!

Hope you are having a good day,

Zydre Zi

RMS Beauty Luminizer X Quad


Highlighters are definitely are the products that I am slightly (let's be honest.. a lot...) obsessed with. They add glow and life to face and body! There are so many formulations, textures and colors and I want to try them all!


This is my first ever RMS Beauty product, I was always curious to try something from this brand and when they came out with a four- color highlighter palette, this was it!

RMS Beauty brings natural beauty products made with organic ingredients.

These highlighters are based on natural oils and has creamy texture that almost feels like it melts once touched. They give the skin glossy wet look, depending on the amount you use it can look super high shine and editorial or natural skin like shine.  All colors applies smoothly even on the powdered skin and I find it's easiest to apply them using fingers.

Colors (left to right): Luminizer X, Luminizer Nude, Champagne Fizz, Champagne Rose

Colors (left to right): Luminizer X, Luminizer Nude, Champagne Fizz, Champagne Rose

I am so happy that I got this palette (I got it from Space NK), it does not have any visible chunky glitter and a great color combination. I feel like it leaves a little damp feel to the touch but it feels like nothing on the skin. I would not recommend using powder product on the top of RMS Luminizers as it feels like the powder would just stick to it and not blend well. I guess without the damp feeling the effect would not be as glossy and skin like.

It was quite surprising how long it lasted keeping in mind that I used no powder product to set it - I kept looking at the mirror throughout the day, and it was still there! It's super easy to touch up or apply a little more throughout the day as it layers well. Unfortunately the packaging does not come with the mirror for on the go touch ups, but I can appreciate that they stick to their natural philosophy and tries to save the nature. It's actually packaged in a very basic white lightweight plastic container with a small silver logo on the lid, but I do like minimalistic looking packaging.


Best wishes,

Zydre Zi

Quick tip: makeup artist kit

Do you ever wonder how much does the makeup artist kit weights?... Usually a lot!

I am a big fan of using travel sized products for my makeup kit, because it saves so much space and it's way less heavy. I highly advice to try it if you are a makeup artist that needs to travel with a makeup kit too!

I have to admit that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to branded packaging. I prefer to have the original product package instead of just a plastic travel sized container you can get in most of the shops. It's because I am a very visual person and like to see everything looking aesthetically pleasing!

Most of these packages are refillable, so I just get a travel sized product once and keep refilling them from a full size container.


Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream is an amazing product to prep the skin before makeup. Super luxorious rich cream makes the face super hydrated and radiant.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow is a face primer with infused glowing particles to create a dewy look. I love using it for people with dry looking skin if I want to achieve naturally glowing skin.

Embryolisse Lait- Creme Concentre- you will see this product is almost every makeup artist kit. If I had to keep only one skin care item in my kit, this would be it. This moisturizer works on all skin types and can double up as a primer.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea is a great spray to refrech and rehydrate the skin (also smells amazing!). I usually use it prior makeup application, but works great to spray it at any time of the day.

Urban Decay All Nighter makeup spray is a must have for a long lasting makeup. Just spray few times, let it dry and the makeup will last super long.

Urban Decay De- slick makeup spray is a must not only in my professional makeup artist kit, but for personal use too. It helps the makeup last all day and also controls the oils during the day. Perfect for oily skin people like me!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water works as a fastest priming product ever. Just spay it all over the face and you are ready for makeup application. It works both as a primer and finishing spray and adds lots of moisture and glow.

Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray is another must have especially if you are applying makeup for other people. With just a few sprays your makeup products are sanitized and ready for clients.

Cinema Secrets Proffesional makeup brush cleaner is one of the most talked about brush cleaners in the world. I gave in, tried it and fell in love. The best brush cleaner I've ever tried: it even cleans a stubborn foundation/ concealer from the bristles and dries within seconds! From now on it's a staple in my kit. Also smells lovely!

MAC Fix + is a great spray to use both prior and after makeup application. Feels very refreshing, adds dewy healthy look and also helps to melt down the powder if you accidental applied too much.

MAC Oil Control Lotion is a very light easy absorbent lotion that actually feels a little hydrating even though it helps to control the oils. Lovely product to use prior makeup application.

Clinique Take The Day Off is one of my favorite makeup removers that will literally remove any kinds of makeup without irritating or feeling oily. The great addition to this is a safety cap on the package, so it's not going to accidentally open and leak everywhere.

What are your favorite makeup artist kit tips?

Best wishes,


Nanshy Marble Blender Review

Hey there!

I am constantly on the look out for a great blending sponge that would not break the bank. I mean being a makeup artist means that you either have to keep washing that one and only sponge constantly throughout the day (and who has time for that?) or continuously keep adding more and more to your kit (because who can have enough of those?..).

I am an absolute fan of the original Beauty Blender and it sets the tone for what kind of sponge I'm looking for. Many people love the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge (I did a video comparing those two on my YouTube ages ago. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogLkkE0LMcc). It's a great sponge that works really well, but the couple of complaints I have is that Real Techniques sponge does not have a pointy end and starts breaking apart rather fast.

The way Nanshy Marble Blender looks like really cough my eye. I got two white ones with grey marbling across (how beautiful is that!!!) and a minty green one.


The way it's shaped is great! The sponge has a pointy end on one side, which works perfect for reaching small areas of the face that needs concealing. It's interesting how one side is flat and other is rounded- it works perfectly for blending out the product or applying setting powder. Marble Blender has a 'sinking in' in the middle part of a sponge so it's very comfortable to hold it in the hand; and a bulkier rounded bottom, so it sits on it's own on the surface.

This sponge expands quite a lot once dampened and becomes really soft and bouncy. I would say it absorbs a little bit more product then the Beauty Blender does but not as much that it would become a problem. I would say Nanshy sponge blends foundation, concealer or any other cream product as good as the Beauty Blender!


My final opinion? I'm really happy I got that a few of Nanshy Marble Blenders because they are a great addition to my kit and I can't get enough of them! Great product!


Best wishes,