My first MAC brushes!

Since we don't have any MAC stores and their site does not ship here either (what makes me wanna cry), I am not able to buy them directly. Of course there is always an option to get those on e-bay but I'm too afraid to get a fake, or there is an opportunity that I will get a product and will not know if it's fake or not (because I can not compare it with original) so this would probably drive me crazy.

The only way to get MAC stuff is wait till someone (well ok, or myself) will go to other country and buy them for me. And finally my plan and hopes succeeded! As I had to pick up only few items this had to be brushes :) My mini list of four brushes became only two because they didn't have full stock. I'm very glad to represent two MAC brushes that came from Turkey, Istanbul, which I LOOOOVE!

So I got two brushes:

MAC 109
Oh my gosh this is perfect for everything! I've tried it with foundation, blush, contouring, highlighting... Perfect job! As I'm too afraid it will start shedding too much (and there are lots of reviews, that says it does tend to) so my decision to use this brush for contouring. And it works wonders!

And the second one is for eyes:

MAC 219
I was in a hunt of a good quality pencil brush for ever. And all I have tried before this, did not work as I would like it to do. The brushes were too long, too short, it was too fluffy... But this is it! It is a bit pokey but it is the reason why it works so brilliantly! I use this for smudging eyeliner, putting color under my lower lash line or even for precision work on the outer corner!

Now I cannot wait till me or someone will go abroad again :))

Thank you JZ, that you did such a favor for me!