New favourite perfume - D&G L'imperatrice

Wow I am obsessed with this smell, I purchased this only yesterday and I'm loving it!

This is one of five scents that Dolce & Gabbana launched back in 2009, that were inspired by celebrities. This particular one is advertised by Naomi Campbell, but for me this scent has nothing that could remind her. As by the bottle it could seem that the scent is very grown up, but it's so juicy and childish that I think of huge green fields and gummy bears :)) This remembers me of fruity sweets that I used to eat when I was a little girl a lot. Only one downside is that the scent does not stay for a long time on the skin, but for me the scent redeem this weakness. And the bottle is huge- 100ml should last quite a long time.

Top notes : rhubarb, red currant, juicy kiwi accord. Heart notes: pink cyclamen, fresh watermelon accord. Base notes: musky notes, sandalwood, grapefruit wood.

It is so delicious that i could eat it!