Halloween 2012. Skeleton makeup

I am always tempted to do the face painting, as it’s not the most common thing that people wears and asks to do. Halloween is a perfect time to take face paint (and please, don’t you ever use painting products, which are not made for using on the skin!) and get to play with it. So I was asked to do a zombie painting on the face and I enjoyed it a lot! The future 'skeleton to be' had a bold hair, so first I painted all his face and head in white face paint and let it dry for few minutes. After I started more detailed work- made the outline with black eye pencil and went over with liquid eyeliner and on larger places with black face paint. For more realistic image, I did some shading with black and gray eyeshadow... Those little painted cracks and scarry lips made a big difference... When the 'skeleton' started talking, the mouth looked seriously freeky!

This look is rather easy to do, and it does not require buying special items (except the white face paint), so you can do it with products that you have at home!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!zyzi makeup zydre zilinskaite kamal mostofi pixi pixel photography skeletom halloween