Another day with ZyZi Makeup

zyzi makeup zydre zilinskaite green eyeshadow woman editorial Last Sunday’s make-over for photo shooting were great. It was a sunny day and it was planned to work in Hampstead park in North London. Not only I was doing makeup, but also I was the photographer’s Kamal Mostofi assistant. Being involved in photo shoot always excites me!

The first session was with a brother and sister, whom are a professional dancers. They wanted to have a very cosy photo shoot as a gift for their mum. After a successful make-over, we decided to have another session next year for their dancing!

The second girl that I was doing makeup on is a painter. She is so passionate about art and such an open and relax person. It was not only work, but also having fun! Working with other artists always inspires me…

The third lady was a very heart-full person. We had a very strong discussion about life, cultures and countries while doing makeup.

It was a great day!