Love for coconut oil

I truly believe that coconut oil does not get enough love in beauty lover’s word! Coconut oil has endless way of using, I tend to go for big jar of it and put some in a smaller container, so I could carry it with me all the time.

Why I love coconut oil so much? Well, the first ant the most obvious part is smell… It smells divine! I love everything that tastes or smells like coconut, and what else can smell the best if not coconut oil itself!

There are many people that uses this oil in food making, but I haven’t tried it yet. I would not advice to use it for this too much though, because it contains a lot of fat.

I get the most use out of it using as a moisturiser. It works as an all over body moisturiser (even though nothing can beat my love for The Body Shop Body Butters), lip balm, cuticle oil, you even can use it on the face (wouldn’t recommend it just before foundation though- it will slide right off) and hair. As far as hair treatment goes, if I have some extra pampering time, I take some coconut oil, wait until it melts in my hands, apply it generously on dry hair, put a shower cap and a towel on the top and let it sit for couple of hours. (If you wish, you can leave it overnight). After I wash my hair and let it dry. It is an amazing hair mask, because hair becomes silky and shiny!

Coconut oil has a different texture than most of oils does. If you store it in dry cool place (which you should), than it can become quite hard and white colour. But once you touch it, heat of your fingers melts it down and it becomes quite liquid’y. But it does not feel so oily as some other ones do. It sinks in the skin quicker than any other oil and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Usually I get this oil in Holland and Barrett but it’s available in any beauty shop. Make sure to choose a virgin organic type, because processed ones loose an amazing smell and some of the good qualities.