Day of a makeup artist

Quick tip: makeup artist kit

Do you ever wonder how much does the makeup artist kit weights?... Usually a lot!

I am a big fan of using travel sized products for my makeup kit, because it saves so much space and it's way less heavy. I highly advice to try it if you are a makeup artist that needs to travel with a makeup kit too!

I have to admit that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to branded packaging. I prefer to have the original product package instead of just a plastic travel sized container you can get in most of the shops. It's because I am a very visual person and like to see everything looking aesthetically pleasing!

Most of these packages are refillable, so I just get a travel sized product once and keep refilling them from a full size container.


Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream is an amazing product to prep the skin before makeup. Super luxorious rich cream makes the face super hydrated and radiant.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow is a face primer with infused glowing particles to create a dewy look. I love using it for people with dry looking skin if I want to achieve naturally glowing skin.

Embryolisse Lait- Creme Concentre- you will see this product is almost every makeup artist kit. If I had to keep only one skin care item in my kit, this would be it. This moisturizer works on all skin types and can double up as a primer.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea is a great spray to refrech and rehydrate the skin (also smells amazing!). I usually use it prior makeup application, but works great to spray it at any time of the day.

Urban Decay All Nighter makeup spray is a must have for a long lasting makeup. Just spray few times, let it dry and the makeup will last super long.

Urban Decay De- slick makeup spray is a must not only in my professional makeup artist kit, but for personal use too. It helps the makeup last all day and also controls the oils during the day. Perfect for oily skin people like me!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water works as a fastest priming product ever. Just spay it all over the face and you are ready for makeup application. It works both as a primer and finishing spray and adds lots of moisture and glow.

Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray is another must have especially if you are applying makeup for other people. With just a few sprays your makeup products are sanitized and ready for clients.

Cinema Secrets Proffesional makeup brush cleaner is one of the most talked about brush cleaners in the world. I gave in, tried it and fell in love. The best brush cleaner I've ever tried: it even cleans a stubborn foundation/ concealer from the bristles and dries within seconds! From now on it's a staple in my kit. Also smells lovely!

MAC Fix + is a great spray to use both prior and after makeup application. Feels very refreshing, adds dewy healthy look and also helps to melt down the powder if you accidental applied too much.

MAC Oil Control Lotion is a very light easy absorbent lotion that actually feels a little hydrating even though it helps to control the oils. Lovely product to use prior makeup application.

Clinique Take The Day Off is one of my favorite makeup removers that will literally remove any kinds of makeup without irritating or feeling oily. The great addition to this is a safety cap on the package, so it's not going to accidentally open and leak everywhere.

What are your favorite makeup artist kit tips?

Best wishes,


Mallorca working trip

Hey everyone!

Traveling makes me super happy and a chance to travel for work makes me extra happy!

This time I was asked to fly to Mallorca for a week to work with a professional woman's cycling team Wiggle High5.


See this video to find out what makeup products and tools I took with me for this job!

Although the schedule was super busy, we still managed to have lots of fun and great food (I adore Spanish food)!!!


Best wishes,


Ferrari event in Varano de' Melegari, Italy

Three Ferrari events in one year, what a delight! I must admit I don't know much about cars, but Ferrari for sure are good looking!

This time I landed in Milan Malpensa airport and had a 3 hours journey to reach Parma, which is a beautiful city famous for cheese, ham, architecture and music... And also it's located not far from Varano Aerodrome, where the Ferrari event was taking place.


While in a need of a Italian cappuccino, I stumbled across a little cafe and to my huge surprise it has a display of an amazing artist! I find these paintings highly inspiring! Her name is Gloria Griggio.


Ferrari event was hectic but eventful. I highly enjoyed doing makeup for Rochelle Gilmore as always! Strong woman in a powerful car...Very inspiring, makes you remember that everything is possible!

Oh yes, and a Hot Lap with a professional racing driver left my legs shaking and head turning again! It will probably never start feeling less scary!


Best wishes,

Zydre Zi

Working in Bergen, Norway

I came back from Bergen (Norway) last week, but only now have I found a spare moment to write about my wonderful experience there! So what was I up to?


If you follow cycling, you probably know that this year the Road World Cycling Championship 2017 took place in Bergen. I went there to do makeup for Rochelle Gilmore who was doing BBC live TV coverage for the event.

Have to thank my boyfriend for this one, he was watching live from home in London and sent me this pic!

Have to thank my boyfriend for this one, he was watching live from home in London and sent me this pic!


Having spent 7 days in Bergen, I must say I've seen a lot the city has to offer, and I must stay it is absolutely stunning place to visit! I was lucky enough to have a Guest of Honour in Bergen card which meant I could easily access museums and other great places too (a good art museum is really hard to pass for me!).


Best wishes,

Zydre Zilinskaite

Creative shoot for L'affaire Magazine


Just a quick post to share some behind scenes photos and a video from a super fun photo shoot for L'affaire Magazine with a great creative team!

Photographer: Kamal Mostofi IG: @kmphotographyuk Makeup artist: Zydre Zilinskaite IG: @zydrezi Hair stylist: Ross Kwan IG: @rosskwan www.rosskwan.comModels: Margarita Aleks IG: @margarita.aleks3 & Frances O'Sullivan IG: @aboutagur BMA Models @bma_models