Haul: Sigma brushes

I have to confess something...

I am very much addicted to makeup brushes... I love them! I love trying different brands, shapes, types, etc... But one thing that makes this obsession not look so bad is, that I use every single one of them all the time!

Sometimes I don't have any more time left to wash used brushes after work and the next day I have to be on set early again, so I always have a clean set handy.

I have a separate brush set for my personal use and I never mix them up. But usually I am updating my professional brush kit. So this time I added Sigma Essential Kit with a brush cup holder,  F86 - Tapered Kabuki and a F35 Tapered Highlighter brushes.

I already washed them few times and used them on different makeup jobs, and I am happy with the quality. The brush holder is very handy, especially on ocassions, when I don't have much space. I have to say that this brush set is enough to do a complete makeup look.