IMATS 2013 London

I was working the whole three days of IMATS exhibition at Makeup For Ever stand. It was an amazing experience- MUFE is one of my go-to makeup brands for a long time already, I met so many nice people and with some of them we will stay in touch for sure and the whole experience was just amazing. It was such a busy days but even all the girls were super tired but they still had smiles on their faces!

Unfortunately I couldn’t see any seminars, but managed to find couple of moments to get the items I needed for my kit.

zyzi makeup artist imats london 2013 stilazzi on set bad review zydre zilinskaite.jpg

I was very happy to find Stilazzi large on set bag at PAM stand. Usually I’m using my Zuca Pro Artist bag, but I needed something to carry on shoulder and large enough to fit quite a lot of products. Stilazzi bag quite spacious and clear- so it’s going to be easy to see where everything is and it has lots of different pockets, which is super convenient!

I also got Beauty So Clean cosmetic Sanitizer Mist with some samples of cosmetic sanitizing wipes. I already tested the wipes and can admit that it’s super convenient and definitely will be on my ‘what to purchase list’. I got a big bottle of mist, because sanitizing the makeup is one of the most important things to do when you are a makeup artist!

Of course, I couldn’t stay away from brushes, but I was good and got only few: one bdellium tools lip brush 542 (because it’s pink and because it can never be too much of lip brushes) and just 3 of Crownbush brushes.

Since Kryolan had good offers, I purchased one of Dermacolor mini concealer paletes in shade Medium. I already got one in Dark and I love that product... 

At the very end of IMATS Make Up For Ever made us an amazing surprise. All the girls got massive bags of makeup products which even made us forget how tired we were! I was already swatching different products and cannot wait to put them in use!