Nanshy Marble Blender Review

Hey there!

I am constantly on the look out for a great blending sponge that would not break the bank. I mean being a makeup artist means that you either have to keep washing that one and only sponge constantly throughout the day (and who has time for that?) or continuously keep adding more and more to your kit (because who can have enough of those?..).

I am an absolute fan of the original Beauty Blender and it sets the tone for what kind of sponge I'm looking for. Many people love the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge (I did a video comparing those two on my YouTube ages ago. You can find it here: It's a great sponge that works really well, but the couple of complaints I have is that Real Techniques sponge does not have a pointy end and starts breaking apart rather fast.

The way Nanshy Marble Blender looks like really cough my eye. I got two white ones with grey marbling across (how beautiful is that!!!) and a minty green one.


The way it's shaped is great! The sponge has a pointy end on one side, which works perfect for reaching small areas of the face that needs concealing. It's interesting how one side is flat and other is rounded- it works perfectly for blending out the product or applying setting powder. Marble Blender has a 'sinking in' in the middle part of a sponge so it's very comfortable to hold it in the hand; and a bulkier rounded bottom, so it sits on it's own on the surface.

This sponge expands quite a lot once dampened and becomes really soft and bouncy. I would say it absorbs a little bit more product then the Beauty Blender does but not as much that it would become a problem. I would say Nanshy sponge blends foundation, concealer or any other cream product as good as the Beauty Blender!


My final opinion? I'm really happy I got that a few of Nanshy Marble Blenders because they are a great addition to my kit and I can't get enough of them! Great product!


Best wishes,