Review: Catrice ‘Lash extension’ volume mascara

I’ve been loving small thin brushes lately, especially for my lower lashes. I do not have huge eyes unfortunately, so the smaller brush I have, the easier it is for me to apply it. So seeing photos in the internet of the thin wand of Catrice ‘Lash extension’ volume mascara got me intrigued.

And man, was I wrong to get this mascara. Normally I try to like most of the products and not to throw them under the bus, but it’s more than a month now I am playing with this mascara and it just proves itself not being good.

The packaging of this mascara is reasonably cute; it comes in a black tube with a gunmetal color cap. It also has information about the mascara on which states ‘Deep black mascara with integrated fibre extensions for an ultimate lash extension effect. Ophthamologically tested.’ And you can definitely see those small fibres on the product, which are supposed to prolong your eyelashes.

So the problems starts, when you take the mascara wand out of the tube- you can see the brush all clumped up with a product, which reminds me a black shoe wax with fibres. So obviously before applying it to the lashes, I have to wipe most of the product from the wand, otherwise I will end up having only one huge clumped up lash. Even when most of the product is off the brush, it still manages to clump up the lashes, although it’s easy to correct with the eyelash comb.

Since the statement on the tube promises ‘ultimate lash effect’ I try to build up the mascara, but it starts clumping like crazy and then caking as well. So it is far from build-able formula.

As it’s not enough minuses yet, after few hours of wear small particles of mascara tends to drop onto my under eye area, so it does not last well also.

I do like most of the Catrice products a lot, but it’s safe to say, that ‘Lash extension’ volume mascara is not a repurchase material product.

Yours truly,

ZyZi Makeup | Zydre Zilinskaite