Review: DiorShow New Look mascara

zyzi makeup artist blog diorshow new look mascara review wand.jpg

Having few different mascaras at a time is always staple in both of my personal and my professional makeup artist kits… it’s always fun to try a new one! But DiorShow New Look is one of those that I will keep repurchasing for my personal use probably until they will make it.

Unfortunately I don’t have a huge eyes with long thick lashes, what makes mascara’s job easy. I am not saying that I don’t like the way my eyes looks, but naturally longer lashes would be much appreciated :)

zyzi makeup artist blog diorshow new look mascara review wand tube.jpg


Why this mascara helps to me? It has a petite rubber wand which helps me to reach a smallest lashes that are hiding in corners. I can reach the very roots and coat them with a generous amount of darkness (I am a massive fan of using quite a few coats of mascara) or for a quick ‘run out for to a shop’ look I can quickly brush it on and be happy with some definition.

Mascara’s wand is super bendable, first third has super short, hard to spot on rubber bristles and it gets a bit longer after. I would suggest wiping the excess product before applying, as sometimes it can get too much on the brush and then clump up the eyelashes.  I love how it separates each lash, as I am a big fan of feathery defined eyelashes. It gives enough length and thickness. And it does wonders on the bottom lashes! Those tiny hairs can be tricky to be made up precisely, but this brush does the job for you!

You might think that it does not give the wow effect while you just opened the tube, but wait until the consistency gets a bit drier and thicker!