Review: KIKO Colour Party Eyeshadow Palette

Fancy something very colourful?

I got KIKO Milano limited edition Colour Party Palette in 03 Rainbow Cake at one of those days when you are walking in the shopping centre and you know you want to try something new… I have few more items from this company, but have never tried eyeshadows before.

The package states that you can use it wet and dry, but honestly, you can do this with any eyeshadows (just try to not wet all the eyeshadow in the pan, it might ruin it... use damp brush on only one little eyeshadow corner).

It comes in a nice silver coloured palette with a decent mirror and a double sized sponge applicator. It looks like eyeshadows does not have their separate names or numbers, but oh well… We can live without it :)



I am not happy with the first colour (white one), it has no colour, just packed with glitter-frost and is not smooth at all. Second one is a nice light gold’ish shimmery colour and the rest are matte. The bright colours requires a bit of packing on but it can become super bold.  I like the colour selection a lot, but obviously it’s not for a go to everyday look.


KIKO Milano has launched 4 different palettes of the same concept, so you can find more natural colours as well. You can check the selection here: