Review: Make Up For Ever ‘Mat Velvet+’

I have a long term love with Make Up For Ever ‘Mat Velvet+’ foundation. Whenever the weather gets warmer and my skin gets shinier I tend to reach for this one a lot.

Let’s start with the packaging. It’s a super travel friendly bottle- it’s a great size (nothing excessive), lightweight beige plastic container with a black cap on the top. The squeeze type nozzle is perfect to get just a right amount of product. There is no problem of getting every single drop that’s left in the package also. The foundation has a very slight (maybe a bit florally?) scent, but nothing irritating.

The foundation itself is definitely a full coverage product. You have to shake the bottle well in order for pigments in the product to mix in well. There are quite a few great things in this product: first, obviously this foundation is targeted for more combination to oily skin type of people (hence the name mat) and it is oil- free product. I can say that it keeps the shine away for a fair amount of time, and ever when the oils gets through my forehead does not look like an oil slick (that’s where I get the oiliest) the products still manages to control the oil fairly. Second great thing is the water resistant part. Even if you get into a sweaty situation, you will have a foundation last on you. So don’t be afraid of those super hot summer days anymore! It leads to the third great thing about this foundation- it lasts very long hours!



I would say you have to apply a very tiny amount of ‘Mat velvet+’ though; otherwise the foundation can start caking up. But with a coverage it gives, there is no need to apply a lot of product anyway. I would also advice to blend quite fast, because when it sets, it’s not going to move. The foundation sets into really matte finish, so if you are not a super oily person, you could even skip the powder.

Make Up For Ever 'Mat Velvet+' foundation swatches

Make Up For Ever 'Mat Velvet+' foundation swatches

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