Review: MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blush

A cream blush for £2? Yes I will try it… Even just from curiosity!

This Make Up Academy cosmetics company is growing into many woman makeup bags recently and now I added some goodies to my personal kit too. Cream blush is something that I always keep my eyes laid on...

I tried them a couple times now and here is what I can say:

it blends like dream! Make sure you blend them quickly, so you will get an effortless application, because it sets in no time. I would say it leaves more of the matte finish, but since my skin tends to get oily, the blush looks dewy and glowing. I would definitely set it up with a translucent powder or similar coloured powder blush to keep it in place, otherwise it tends to slide of after couple of hours. I would recommend this more for people with skin that is on the drier side…

The product is packed in very simple plastic package. I really like that does not take a lot of space in a cosmetics bag and I can see the colour through the clear lid. Unfortunately the name scratches of the top lid, but all information is left on the bottom sticker. The consistency of the blush is very liquid like, not greasy at all. It has a buildable pigmentation, but still ends up natural and see-through.

 I have colours called Bittersweet, Yummy and Dolly.  I’ll be giving Dolly to my mom, since she’s a fan of coral coloured blushes (she always sticks to Bourjois powder blushes, but I’m trying to introduce her to different ones) and the rest I’ll keep using on myself for a days when I want a light flush of colour.