Review: NARSissist ‘Blush, Contour and Lip Palette’

I was strolling over the photos of this baby for a while now in the internet and the minute it was available- I grabbed it together with NARssisist ‘Dual- intensity eye shadow palette’, but about that one later!

First thing that caches your eyes if of course, as expected from NARS, a gorgeous package. It actually has a real mirror on a lid with NARSisist written over it in white letters. It caches the fingerprints like crazy, but who cares, when it looks so beautiful! I really enjoy how they made it not bulky, keeping in mind that it has two layers and a lip gloss inside the box. It’s definitely not going to make problems to take it with myself for a job or holiday! So when you open it, your eyes are caught with 3 shades of blushes, that for the first look might seem rather small, but there is rather enough product. Then you can see a cute small lip gloss peeking and a good size and quality mirror. When you lift the blusher part, you can see the two gorgeous products that are so famous amongst NARS products- Albatross highlighter and a Laguna bronzing powder. I must add that the box has a nice weight to it as well (probably because of the amount of mirrors).

All blushes are limited edition- unfortunately, because they are gorgeous. #Enrapture is a very natural matte terracotta shade with pink mixed in it (I would say it could also be used as a contour shade for light skin tones), #Enthralled soft rosy beige, matte based with tiny gold shimmer particles and #Roman Holiday- a matte cool toned pastel pink. #Albatross is an intense highlighter with a strong light yellowy gold shine and #Laguna is a mocha type of colour bronzing powder with soft golden glow.

As far as a lip gloss goes - #Istria is quite a pale cool tone pastel pink with tiny iridescent shimmer. The pigmentation is quite see-through, but you can definitely see the colour. The gloss itself is not stick.

Product sizes:

Each blush - 3.0g (0.1Oz.)

Albatross highlighter -3.5g (0.12 Oz.)

Laguna bronzer - 4.3g (0,15 Oz.)

Lip gloss - 4ml (0.12 Oz.)

Overall I really enjoy this palette and would highly recommend!

Yours truly,

ZyZi Makeup | Zydre Zilinskaite