Review: Natural Cleansing Konjac Sponge

I am always on a look out for a good face cleaning products. Ideal product for me is something that does not leave oily residue, washes the face gently but leaves a face very fresh, clean and soft.

Konjac sponge was one of the products that I was keen to try but also quite sceptical. I found one in a KIKO shop and decided to go for it.

That’s what KIKO says about the sponge:

,,Cleansing sponge with purifying action, pre-dampened in distilled water.

Made of 100% natural fiber, derived from the Japanese Konjac plant root, allows for an efficient and deep cleansing of your face.

Thanks to the irregularity of the surface and the capacity of the natural fibers to capture water and release it gradually, Natural Sponge removes dead cells and excess sebum with an effective but delicate exfoliant action.

Suitable for all skin types, in particular for very oily or easily irritable skin types, Natural Sponge is an innovative solution for the daily cleansing of your face.

The handy cord allows it to be hung up to dry after use.’’


It looks like a cute haf of snowball and it has this strange texture. It does exfoliate and massage skin well, but at the same time is super soft and bubbly. It’s an item that I was not afraid to even use it on the under-eye area and I would use for every day face wash. I used it for few times now and it leaves my skin very soft and glowy looking. You can also put some face wash on it, but since I tend to remove makeup prior to washing the face, there was no need for it.

When the sponge becomes dry, it shrinks to a smaller half-ball and becomes much harder, so it’s important to dampen it before use. Also it’s essential to let it dry completely after use, to keep it hygienic.