Review: Revlon Just Kissable Lip Balm Stain

First I have to tell you that my experience with long lasting lip products were never good. I hated how drying they are, many of them starts flaking and cracking, application often blotchy, etc… So I was losing my hope for finding a nice lip colour with an extraordinary staying power.

But I always secretly wanted to find something that I could just put on my lips without having to worry about touching it up. First Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain grabbed my attention by watching youtube videos, but I was still not convinced. But after I read few more great reviews and ran to my local Boots to get some. And I got all the shades I could find…

Now I have to say I am absolutely addicted to it… I always avoided wearing darker shades on myself, just because I am too lazy having to take a look in the mirror and reapplying lipstick. I love to worry about other people makeup, having to touch up on set is an everyday thing for me, but on myself is a different story.

Anyway, now I am living in a natural eyes and quite strong lip colour look with no worries. If I am too lazy to take my lip makeup off before sleeping I even wake up with nicely flushed lips (and I quite like that… Woman who had just woke up looking flawless in a film always caches my attentionJ). First when you apply it, you can feel a slight tingly feeling, but it’s very soft and goes away in few minutes. As well it has a minty smell, which me personally, I am not a fan, but it literally goes away after application. As far as lip balm quality, it does feel hydrating for maybe first 30min of wear and after you feel like you have nothing on your lips. And when I am saying nothing, it means you don’t feel it sticky/ drying or anything, which for me is great!

Colour wise, it has a nice shades selection, unfortunately we don’t have all the colours in UK. You can get just a flush of colour if you apply it very lightly or you can get quite an intense look by putting few layers of product. It looks a bit glossy first but after that lip balm feel goes away, it looks like it’s your natural lip colour with nothing on it.

This lip balm stain is often compared with Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm, so I think it will not take too long until I will try those ones!