Review: Sleek Pout Paint


The name of this lip products speaks itself. It’s a paint! If you like a very strong- out there pigmentation, try these! They are compared with OCC lip tars and not without a reason.

zyzi makeup blog zydre zilinskaite sleek pout paint lip stain.jpg

First and very important thing I have to state is, you have to use the lip brush. It’s not an easy lip product that you could just slather on lips not looking in the mirror and not using a lip brush. It requires quite a precise application. Using a lip pencil before is a good idea too, because the colour tends to bleed around the lip edges.

The fun part is that everyone can become a little artist when using these because these colours are made to be mixed with each other. These are fun shades like pure white or bright blue which not many of people would wear alone, but it’s very useful when making your own unique shade. Depending on the amount of white/blue you mix in more wearable colours, it becomes lighter or darker.

Sleek Pout Paints comes in a decent sized tube, but since you need to use such a small amount of product, it will last you a life time. It has a slight orange candy scent, but it goes away right after application. It’s a good idea to moisturize your lips prior application, because it might grab on the dry patches. It stays quite a good amount of time, for a first hour you get a rather glossy finish which fades away for a satiny result with still very good colour payoff.

zyzi makeup blog zydre zilinskaite sleek pout paint lip stain swatch.jpg