Review and comparison: Matte Face Primers

When first I started looking for a perfect matte face primer, I thought I am getting seriously lost. I needed something that I can use on clients – both female and male for different occasion makeups. I should say I am still looking for perfect one. But hey, we always want something that works the best, right?

So far I tried quite a few affordable and more high- end products. This is what I noticed:

  • MAC Matt (25ml) It’s a clear gel texture feeling silky smooth. It can be work both under the makeup, alone or on the top of makeup (you should be very gentle while applying it on the makeup though). It smooth’s out the skin and works nicely for controlling oils withought drying the skin. Works perfectly for normal to oily skin. Unfortunately if you have extremely oily skin, you will start noticing shine coming through quite soon.  
  • Make Up For Ever Stop Shining + (15ml) Also a clear gel, looks very much alike to MAC gel, but feels a bit thinner texture. You don’t need a lot of product to get super matte look. Can be worn alone or before/ after makeup (again if you will decide to use it on the makeup, be very careful). As far as I noticed matte effect lasts a bit longer for super oily skins.  Would not recommend this for someone who has dry skin patches- it might dry it out even more.
  • No7 Beautifully Matte (40ml) It’s a while coloured cream to powder texture product. (It goes clear on the skin though). Didn’t expect it at all, but it eliminates all traces of oiliness for long hours. Could be worn alone or before makeup. This base can be drying for the skin, so I wouldn’t recommend to use it every day or on the normal to dry areas on the skin. It also claims that it improves blemishes, but I didn’t really try to prove this claim.
  • KIKO Mat Base Corrector (25ml) An off white rather thick and dry texture cream to powder consistency product. I would only suggest to use it as a base before makeup, because even though it blends in colourless, it might leave skin looking a bit ashy, especially for darker complexions. It’s a super hard core mattifying products, perfect for super oily skin. You have to be careful while using this, cause only a little bit is necessary and if used too much, might start rolling of the skin. Keeps the oiliness away thought for the whole day. Can be very drying for the skin, so I only suggest to use it on super shiny areas of the face.
  • The Body Shop Mate It (25ml) Clear and very smooth consistency product, could be used alone or before/after makeup. It’s suitable for normal to oily skins and helps to control the shine fore few hours. Could say that this product is very close to MAC Matt gel.
  • Too Faced Primed & Poreless (28g) Even though this base is not a specifically listed as a mattifying product, I still want to add this to the list. It is a nude coloured very smooth cream to powder texture product. It can be used alone or before makeup for normal/combination/oily skins. It keeps the face looking matte for several hours (unless you are super oily) and also smooth out the skin. Didn’t notice any drying effect.

NOTE: All of the face primers helps makeup to last longer on the skin.

MAC and The Body Shop primers are not in the picture, because those ones were finished some time ago :)

Matte face primer makeup base zyzi artist london review mac too faced kiko body shop No7.jpg

Yours truly,

Zydre Zilinskaite | ZyZi Makeup