Trying Caudalie skin care

I had a serious obsession with finding new great skin care products lately and got a whole bunch of different Caudalie skin care products.
They have an option of smaller travel sizes on their website which I always do appreciate because it's perfect if you want to try new product with-ought a commitment of a full size and it's also perfect if you travel a lot (and I've been traveling a lot lately).

Caudalie skin care

This is what I got:

Purifying mask (A mask that absorbs impurities, tightens the appearance of pores, and reduces breakouts to support natural regeneration of healthy skin cells.)

Mix & Mask trio: Detox mask (sebum absorbing, deep cleansing, anti-oxidant and toxin draining, skin perfecting),  Moisturising Mask - (anti-oxidant, strengthening and moisturising, nourishing); Glycolic Peel (adds radiance, targets pigmentation, anti-dark spot, mild exfoliating- non irritating peeling)

Beauty Elixir (smoothes features, tightens pores, and gives the complexion a burst of radiance. An excellent base for make-up, this water awakens the skin in the morning and livens it up before a night out)

Grape water (refreshingly cool mist tones & moisturises skin. Enriched with moisturising polysaccharides and mineral salts, providing an instant boost of hydration)

Divine Oil (Enriching dry oil for body, face and hair)

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet (immediate and long-lasting calming and soothing action, reactivates the skin’s hydration mechanisms and restores its water reserves. As skin becomes stronger, it feels softer and more comfortable.)