New in my shelves: Sanctuary SPA

Sanctuary SPA skin care line was one of those thing that I never tried but it just stayed in my head for some reason. You don’t see it heavily advertised (or at least I didn’t) but I heard something good about their serum (I believe one of my favorite beauty journalists Saly Hudges in one of the videos) and I kept an eye on this brand ever since.

It is that period of time when the weather keep changing and my skin felt unhappy. I kept trying new things and I didn’t feel it working. So one day I noticed Boots having great deals on this line and I could not resist.

I went all out and got bunch of products (unfortunately some items I wanted were out of stock). After trying the Night Concentrate moisturizer, 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask and Therapists Secret Facial Oil my curiosity about the line has raised even more, so today I came back to pick few more items from the line.

I have yet to try those products (and I have a strict rule of not opening a new product before I finish the one I’m currently using- what takes plenty of patience, but rule is a rule!) and I will write a full blog post about all these products.

Yours truly,

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