Haul: Illamasqua

I got my Illamasqua delivery few days ago, but only now I had a chance to take a look at the products. Since they are super exciting, I have to share this with you guys :)

So this is what I got:

Powder Blusher Duo in 'Lover/Hussy' (I already swatched the colours- they seem a bit powdery but very matte and pigmented)

Mascara (I guess they only have one mascara, because there are no specific name for it, brush looks very promising) in 'Raven'

Two sheer lipglosses in 'Torture' and 'Divine' (colours are sheer and smells very sweet, gloss does not feel sticky at all)

Eye pencil in 'Seize' (lovely aubergine colour)

zyzi makeup artist blog illamasqua haul blush duo sheer lip gloss mascara eye pencil seize.jpg

Yours truly,

Zydre Zilinskaite | ZyZi Makeup

Valentine’s day. Red alert: selection of 10 makeup products

I believe that every day is a love day, and every day your loved ones deserves to be treated as they are most important people in your live.  But Valentine’s is special and definitely is a red colour day! So why not have some fun with it?

I selected 10 red coloured makeup products from my professional makeup kit and decided to share them with you. Hope it will give some ideas!

valentines day makeup selection red colour zyzi artist london lietuve vizaziste.jpg
  • MAC Pro Lip Palette ‘6 Editorial Reds’. The palette contains these MAC Lipstick shades: Lady Danger, On Hold, Russian Red, MAC Red, Ruby Woo, Dare You.  It’s an amazing palette having different shades and textures and also contains some of the most famous MAC red lipstick colours. And they smell like vanilla!
  • Make Up For Ever ‘Lab Shine’ Star Collection lip gloss No. S8. Strong pigmented long lasting lip gloss with tiny particles of sparkles. If you like full looking glossy lips, this is a perfect product! Not sticky, very moisturising and smells amazing!
  • Artdeco ‘Dita Von Teese’ Lip Lacquer No. 28. Blood red super creamy and glossy full coverage lip product! Not sticky at all and have a strong vanilla scent.
  • No.7 ‘Precision’ automatic lip pencil in Fire. Very long lasting creamy pencil for that added precision.
  • Essence ‘Glossy lipbalm’ in Cherry Kiss. Gives lips that kissable red flush and moisture. Not sticky and smells like cherry popsicle!
  • Sleek ‘Pout Paint’ in 157 Pin Up.  Very strong pigmented lip cream and stain. I have a full review on them here
  • Make Up For Ever ‘Aqua Liner’ No.10. Waterproof red liquid eyeliner with a tiny bit of shimmer.
  • Make Up For Ever ‘Aqua Cream’ No. 08. Super pigmented waterproof red colour cream with a bit of luminous finish. This colour is suitable to use for lips and cheeks. I will write a review about this product in depth as soon as possible.
  • Me Me Me ‘Cheek & lip tint’ in Pussy Cat. Gives a reddish flush to the cheeks and lips which lasts all day on the skin. Very similar to Benefit Benetint product.
  • Make Up For Ever glitter in No.7. It you want an extra glam try some red sparkle! You can use them on the face, hair or body. My personal advice- pat some sparkle on the red lipstick for sexy lips (Not very kissable though :))))

Yours truly,

Zydre Zilinskaite | ZyZi Makeup

Review: Make Up For Ever 12 flash color palette

I am the kind of person that if even every single bit of photo shoot is super planned and the looks are generated, my creativity hits me unexpectedly. That sort of feeling like ‘let’s do what’s planned and do some bonus shots with something way different’…

And Make Up For Ever 12 flash color makes my life easier on those moments. Even if my artist kit is packed directly for a natural look shoot, I pack this palette. Just in case…

It’s a very creamy and strongly pigmented colours in one light plastic case.

So what does it do? Hmmm… About everything, should I say?

First and the most obvious, you can use them for painting face and body, creating colourful designs. As well it’s amazing for creating any lip art (silver, white and bright blue are not recommended to use on the lips though).

make up for ever 12 flash color palette case zyzi makeup blog review cream color base.jpg

You can use them as any sort of base for the following makeup designs. Make sure to prep the skin and set the cream colour really well, because otherwise all the effort would slide off. (Unfortunately coral, fuchsia and red are not recommended to use on the eyes… What a bugger).

Not so obvious- that you can use it for contouring, highlighting and as a blush. Plus only having one shade of foundation and mixing it with these cream colours give you an option of making the matching shade for anyone… Need a peachy concealer for brightening an under eye? Grab your favourite concealer, mix a little bit of coral colour and there you have it!

make up for ever 12 flash color palette case zyzi makeup blog review cream color base multipurpose.jpg

And the fun part is that the colour selection in the palette gives you an option of mixing any shade of your dreams, so there is no need of carrying an excessive collection of all the colours in the world. It’s definitely an artist material and I wouldn’t necessarily use it for my daily makeup though.

It smells like paint (and it actually is a paint) but you don’t really feel the smell unless you put your nose in the package.

P.S. If you like the plastic case that flash colors comes in, check my blog post about the case and where you can find it!

Review: Sleek Pout Paint


The name of this lip products speaks itself. It’s a paint! If you like a very strong- out there pigmentation, try these! They are compared with OCC lip tars and not without a reason.

zyzi makeup blog zydre zilinskaite sleek pout paint lip stain.jpg

First and very important thing I have to state is, you have to use the lip brush. It’s not an easy lip product that you could just slather on lips not looking in the mirror and not using a lip brush. It requires quite a precise application. Using a lip pencil before is a good idea too, because the colour tends to bleed around the lip edges.

The fun part is that everyone can become a little artist when using these because these colours are made to be mixed with each other. These are fun shades like pure white or bright blue which not many of people would wear alone, but it’s very useful when making your own unique shade. Depending on the amount of white/blue you mix in more wearable colours, it becomes lighter or darker.

Sleek Pout Paints comes in a decent sized tube, but since you need to use such a small amount of product, it will last you a life time. It has a slight orange candy scent, but it goes away right after application. It’s a good idea to moisturize your lips prior application, because it might grab on the dry patches. It stays quite a good amount of time, for a first hour you get a rather glossy finish which fades away for a satiny result with still very good colour payoff.

zyzi makeup blog zydre zilinskaite sleek pout paint lip stain swatch.jpg

IMATS 2013 London

I was working the whole three days of IMATS exhibition at Makeup For Ever stand. It was an amazing experience- MUFE is one of my go-to makeup brands for a long time already, I met so many nice people and with some of them we will stay in touch for sure and the whole experience was just amazing. It was such a busy days but even all the girls were super tired but they still had smiles on their faces!

Unfortunately I couldn’t see any seminars, but managed to find couple of moments to get the items I needed for my kit.

zyzi makeup artist imats london 2013 stilazzi on set bad review zydre zilinskaite.jpg

I was very happy to find Stilazzi large on set bag at PAM stand. Usually I’m using my Zuca Pro Artist bag, but I needed something to carry on shoulder and large enough to fit quite a lot of products. Stilazzi bag quite spacious and clear- so it’s going to be easy to see where everything is and it has lots of different pockets, which is super convenient!

I also got Beauty So Clean cosmetic Sanitizer Mist with some samples of cosmetic sanitizing wipes. I already tested the wipes and can admit that it’s super convenient and definitely will be on my ‘what to purchase list’. I got a big bottle of mist, because sanitizing the makeup is one of the most important things to do when you are a makeup artist!

Of course, I couldn’t stay away from brushes, but I was good and got only few: one bdellium tools lip brush 542 (because it’s pink and because it can never be too much of lip brushes) and just 3 of Crownbush brushes.

Since Kryolan had good offers, I purchased one of Dermacolor mini concealer paletes in shade Medium. I already got one in Dark and I love that product... 

At the very end of IMATS Make Up For Ever made us an amazing surprise. All the girls got massive bags of makeup products which even made us forget how tired we were! I was already swatching different products and cannot wait to put them in use!