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Beauty UK Show and National Makeup Artist Awards 2014

I was in Birmingham a week ago  for Beauty UK show as well as National Makeup Artist Awards competition.

We went with a full makeup team– two of our makeup students Dovile Vasyliene and Rita Gulbinaite and their fabulous models Erika Matuzeviciute and Arune Girnyte, me with my model Viktorija Amelina and one more friend, lecturer and a makeup artist from Lithuania Jolanta Sargautyte.

The whole preparation before travelling was super fun- we were looking for outfits for models, creating their looks and discussing hair styles. At the end of whole preparation and competition our models looked stunning.

beaut uk makeup artist competition-1-9.jpg
beaut uk makeup artist competition-1-37.jpg
beaut uk makeup artist competition-1-6.jpg
beaut uk makeup artist competition-1-36.jpg

It was a two day event, unfortunatelly we did only attend the last day of exhibition- 19th May.

The show itself was massive - there were 4 shows each dedicated for different expositions: Beauty, Nails, Hair and Holistics. I have to admit we didn't see much of the expo itself, cause we were so focused on the competition. But from what I saw there were loads of brands and showrooms, a nail competition took place just near makeup competition area as well. And lots of posibilities of shopping with the discounts!

beaut uk makeup artist competition-1-13.jpg

I am very happy that one of my students Dovile Vasyliene won Best Student MUA Evening Glamour Look of the year 2014. She did a Great Gatsby movie inspired look and was rated very well by the judges.

I am so proud of all my students. I wish them all the best!

Yours truly,

Zydre Zilinskaite | ZyZi Makeup