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Danessa Myricks Enlight Aura Illuminator in Tranquility & Love

Usually I am not a big fan of loose powdered products because let's face it... They are so messy! But when a product blows my socks off... well it's worth it!



Danessa Myricks Enlight Aura Illuminators came to my attention at IMATS London and I got slightly obsessed. She has a wide range of colors, and everybody could find one that suits their skin tone. Also the shades are rather unique, but still really wearable and the products are super pigmented and easily build-able: starting from a soft sheen to extreme out of this world shine.



When I first swatched the shade Tranquility, I thought it will be way too sparkly for my liking. It does have some visible micro glitter but looks so smooth on the skin. I used it for a closeup beauty shoot just recently and glitters did not pick up in the camera, just super dewy almost wet looking finish. Also it worked like a dream as a inner eye corner highlight. It has quite a strong cool pink color tone and really strong cool pearly particles and works really well on fair to light medium skin. I would suggest mixing it with a darker shade if you really want to use it on darker skin tones then that.

Enlight Aura of Love Illuminator is a stunning rose to gold duo-chrome with super smooth shine particles that does not look at all glittery, but super glowy. If used on very light to light skin tones, the pink picks up too much to my liking, but when used on tanned to dark skin tones, it looks goddess - like shine.

Here I blended sheered out the highlighter to see how soft it can be.

Here I blended sheered out the highlighter to see how soft it can be.

The versatility of this product is endless, you can use it on the face, eyes, lips, body.... Mix it with other products, use it wet- whatever your creativity tells you to!