The magic product: Illamasqua Cream Pigment

These little magic boxes filled with a creamy colour are great multi-taskers. They can be used for a quick every day makeup or fulfill creative ideas and perfect to carry in a makeup artist bag.

This is what Illamasqua website says: This intensely colour-rich, matte and crease-resistant formula has been designed for use on the face, eyes, lips and body. Apply Cream Pigment with an Illamasqua brush or simply use your fingers for a build-able, water-resistant, highly pigmented finish.

So basically what you’re getting is a long lasting creamy product that is rich in colour, blends easily and can be used anywhere on face and body. Depending on the colour you can use them as colour correctors, blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks or whatever else your imagination wants to do with them. I have to warn you, if you have oily eyelids you will experience creasing, so using a shadow base and topping it with powder eye shadows would be a good idea, but if you have dry to normal eyelids, this products tends to stay in place just fine.

Illamasqua cream pigment emerge

My favourite one is peach coloured Cream Pigment ‘Emerge’ I actually have to of there: one in my personal makeup bag and in a professional kit. I use it almost exceptionally for colour correcting the under eyes. Since the texture is creamy but also non greasy and just a tad dry, they do a great job covering those blue/purple/brown under eyes with-ought looking like a caked mess. You need just a tiniest sheer layer to do the job and then I always top it up with my preferred concealer and powder. They also have a green and lilac shade for colour correcting.

illamasqua hollow

Second in line is ‘Hollow’, which not only makes a gorgeous neutral eye look, but serves as a great contouring product for those with a very pale skin. It is a light to medium brown with very cool undertones, so those who suffer from getting orange look from every contouring product, this would be a dream come true.

Since purple aubergine colours are my favourite when it comes to using bright colours, I of course had to pick ‘Depravity’, which I use for eye looks, lips, cheeks or and creative work. This colour is my favourite to look at but not used as much.

Yours truly,

Zydre Zi