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Cozzette & his shadows

When I was going to the IMATS London I was thinking that there is one thing I really don't need no more in my kit- the eye shadows. I have plenty of colors and different textures to last me another life... But little did I know that I will give up on eye shadow 'no buy' the minute I will swatch Cozzette shadows...

I had an fantastic opportunity to attend Roque Cozzette and Fidel Gonzales masterclass THE MUAGRAPHER EXPERIENCE and I was completely mesmerized by the duet. I've been following Cozzette work for a long while now, but after listening to his inspirational and almost spiritual dialog with Fidel Gonzales about the beauty industry, I now admire his work from much deeper levels.


Once during the makeup demo by both Roque Cozzette and Fidel Gonzales I got to swatch the eye shadows of Cozzette's own creation, the only thing I could think of, how can I limit myself to just a few shadows and not get all of them...

There are 3 different formulas: matte, velvet & crystal, and they all swatch beautifully. The colors are super rich and intense, the crystal formula have the most magnificent shine/ sparkle to them that I never experienced with any other shadow or loose pigment. All of the Cozzette shadows I got to play with are super smooth and buttery, not dusty at all thus also does not have a lot of fallout if any. The shimmer shades can look soft if applied with a brush or packed for a full power if applied with a finger or even wet. Shadows blends incredibly effortlessly and stays put for a really long time.

The shadows come in an individual pressed single pans that can be placed in the magnetic palette, which is absolutely treat for everyone who likes to choose their own colors instead of getting a ready made palette. I chose to use Cozzette created padded palette which looks really organic and different form other available palettes, but these eye shadows can be stored in any magnetic palette of your choice.

They are also:

  • Long Lasting
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan

I opted for a 3 very neutral go-to shades (top row: Honor, Grace, Burnish) and got wild with crystal eye shadows (Second row: Mica, Halite, Quest/ Third row: Bliss, Citrine, Dioptase).


I also could not resist Cozzette brushes: during the makeup demo he showed some interesting techniques using brushes that has a very specific shape and obviously I needed those brushes in my life... Super happy with my choice as some of these brushes already became a staple in my kit!


You can find Cozzette products at Guru Makeup Emporium.

Yours truly,

Zydre Zi