Danessa Myricks Enlight Aura Illuminator in Tranquility & Love

Usually I am not a big fan of loose powdered products because let's face it... They are so messy! But when a product blows my socks off... well it's worth it!



Danessa Myricks Enlight Aura Illuminators came to my attention at IMATS London and I got slightly obsessed. She has a wide range of colors, and everybody could find one that suits their skin tone. Also the shades are rather unique, but still really wearable and the products are super pigmented and easily build-able: starting from a soft sheen to extreme out of this world shine.



When I first swatched the shade Tranquility, I thought it will be way too sparkly for my liking. It does have some visible micro glitter but looks so smooth on the skin. I used it for a closeup beauty shoot just recently and glitters did not pick up in the camera, just super dewy almost wet looking finish. Also it worked like a dream as a inner eye corner highlight. It has quite a strong cool pink color tone and really strong cool pearly particles and works really well on fair to light medium skin. I would suggest mixing it with a darker shade if you really want to use it on darker skin tones then that.

Enlight Aura of Love Illuminator is a stunning rose to gold duo-chrome with super smooth shine particles that does not look at all glittery, but super glowy. If used on very light to light skin tones, the pink picks up too much to my liking, but when used on tanned to dark skin tones, it looks goddess - like shine.

Here I blended sheered out the highlighter to see how soft it can be.

Here I blended sheered out the highlighter to see how soft it can be.

The versatility of this product is endless, you can use it on the face, eyes, lips, body.... Mix it with other products, use it wet- whatever your creativity tells you to!



RealHer cosmetics. The lipstick review

We all need a little bit of empowerment (or a lot) and even the smallest gestures can make us fell better and stronger. When I see a makeup company that embrace it, I’m always immediately drawn to it. RealHer cosmetics brand is just about that.


Our mission is to empower and bring out the best in the modern woman: to know her worth, to feel proud of her individuality, to love each and every one of her flaws, and to not fear who she really is.’

What can I say? It’s just beautiful. Making a world a better place. Now the real test is obviously the quality of the products itself.

I received all 5 lipsticks from their line (I guess they were going for quality over quality and I embrace that). Even though the range is small, but the shade selection is great, everyone can find something for themselves from different skin tones, to seasons, to occasions. And the name of each lipstick colour is an empowering message. So every time you see it, you feel better. How cool is that?

So what do they say about their lipsticks?

‘Introducing RealHer's debut line of gentle, moisturizing lipsticks enriched with Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E.’
‘Each colour features a soft matte finish with an ever so slight gloss that glides onto the lips smoothly with a creamy rich colour pigment.’

I would say they are definitely more creamy to glossy texture then matte, although I noticed that one color- 'I Define Beauty Myself' is more matte then the rest of the colours which has much more gloss. For those ones I had to blot the lips with thin tissue if I wanted to absorb the moisture and get more creamy finish rather glossy. 

I was so surprised by how actually pigmented they are. One swipe and you get a full on colour. They also have a great staying power and do not dry the lips even a slightest bit (keep in mind I have naturally really dry lips). Two lighter coloured lippies has a perfect combination of creaminess and pigmentation. The more dramatic colours '(Be yourself be RealHer', 'I am Powerful' and 'Women Rule the World') are so super pigmented and creamy that I definitely feel the need of using a lip brush if I want a precise application and a lip pencil to not let the colour bleed outside the lip line. 

My personal favourite is I Define Beauty Myself (well the name says it all, but I love the product as much as the name!) it’s a great cool toned pink which gives you enough colour to brighten your face but still neutral which makes it perfect for every day wear. Second favourite that will be worn a lot in the autumn/ winter season is I am Powerful which is very deep almost smoky reddish berry shade.

P.S. Even though I got these lipsticks as a gift, I was not paid to review them. I am and will always be honest with my opinions.

Best wishes,

Zydre Zi